Middlesbrough Council press on with controversial roadworks despite community objections

Image from Teesside Live https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/17m-plan-dixons-bank-junction-15289843

Disappointingly, Middlesbrough Council started the “improvement” works on Dixons Bank / Stainton Way on 4th February by chopping down about 25 mature trees.
Nunthorpe Parish Council, Ward Councillors and many individuals made representation to the Council over many months pointing out how flawed their proposal is and that it risks wasting £1.7 million of your money that could have been far better spent tackling the real source of the Marton Crawl or on improving public transport, especially the train services.
Our last hope was with some of the residents on Dixons Bank who initially had some encouraging noises from the Local Authority Ombudsman to whom they had lodged a complaint about the way Middlesbrough Council had handled this matter. However, it now looks as though the Ombudsman is unlikely to pursue this further so it would appear that despite almost 100% local discontentment with this scheme and the 10 months of misery it will now give us all for very possibly no gain, Middlesbrough Council will press ahead.