About Nunthorpe

welcome (copy)Nunthorpe is situated approximately 4km south-east of Middlesbrough town centre at the very southern extent of Middlesbrough. The area generally known as Nunthorpe is split into two halves by the Middlesbrough to Whitby Railway line and lies within two local authority areas (Middlesbrough Borough Council to the West and neighbouring Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to the East). Nunthorpe Parish Council covers only the Nunthorpe Ward of Middlesbrough, but we work together with our neighbours in Redcar & Cleveland, as well as our Community Council on local issues.

FebruaryIn 2015 the Ward population of Nunthorpe stood at 4866 in 1899 households.  Nunthorpe is an established community with almost half of the residents living in the area for 30 years or more.  Less than half of Nunthorpe consists of housing, radiating from the original Nunthorpe Village out to the newer settlements of Grey Towers Park (2004), Grey Towers Farm (2012), some of which is covered by a conservation area.  The remainder of Nunthorpe comprises of farms of mixed usage, with many significant and definable copses, hedges and water features. The open nature of the surrounding countryside allows for long distance views into North Yorkshire, the Eston Hills and Roseberry Topping.

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