Parish Council objects to Persimmon Homes Nunthorpe Grange proposal

Image: Middlesbrough Council

The Design Statement for the development of Nunthorpe Grange was issued by Middlesbrough Council in 2018 and gave a detailed description of the type of housing development the Council expected for this prestigious site. To quote the Chief Planning Officer (Mr Paul Clark), it was to be “a prize winning development”.

However, although being in receipt of this document, Persimmon Homes presented a planning application to Middlesbrough Council which clearly took none of these requirements on board. The proposal was for an overcrowded and unattractive development of 116 houses which would do little to enhance Nunthorpe.

Nunthorpe Community Council has written an excellent objection statement to Middlesbrough Council and the Parish Council has written to give that statement its full support.  We are hopeful that Middlesbrough Council will reject this application.

We would also like to express our thanks to any Nunthorpe residents who submitted an individual objection to Middlesbrough Council.