Nunthorpe Parish Council Tree Policy

Trees are a highly valued feature of the parish of Nunthorpe making an enormous contribution to the character and beauty of our landscape.
Trees create and maintain environments rich in biodiversity. Nunthorpe Parish Council recognises both the human and environmental benefits of
having a healthy and sustainable tree population. The Parish Council has established a Tree Policy, which is subordinate to, but consistent with, Middlesbrough Council’s Tree Policy.

You can read it here

Update from the Dixons Bank & Stainton Way residents meeting 16th July 2019

Update by Cllr Adrian Walker

Local residents met at the Southern Cross Pub to discuss the recent road alterations.  The meeting was well attended by residents, council officers and councillors.

As well as a possible action group for compensation on the agenda, ways to mitigate the potential for an increased level of traffic noise and air quality were discussed.  Officers agreed that more shrubbery could certainly help and are open to working with residents to provide it.

Councillor Meika Smiles asked about the possibility of a weight restriction along the route and is talking with officers to see if this could be an option.


It was generally agreed the residents would use the same firm of surveyors to make a claim for compensation under the provisions of the Land Compensation Act 1973 for any reduction in the capital value of resident’s property.

Property owners were advised that Thomson Broadbent Chartered Surveyors had already had 23 completed representation agreements returned to them and following a show of hands this was clearly the preferred route.

If you wish to discuss the matter the Thomson Broadbent Part 1 Claims team can be contacted on: 01536 273698 or email:



Nunthorpe Parish Council has confirmed that they will be the lead organisation regarding the best possible reinstatement of the Dixons Bank / Stainton Way area following completion of the roadworks. 

At the Nunthorpe Parish Council meeting on 3rd July, the Parish Council and residents stated that the reinstatement should include grass, bulbs, wild flowers, shrubs and substantial trees. The residents on the east side of Dixons Bank feel the removal of mature trees is a significant environmental loss and in the somewhat limited remaining area would like to see a planting of mixed shrubs, this would provide some screening as well as replacing the wildlife habitat. It is expected that the difference between the number of trees removed and those planted as part of the reinstatement scheme would be planted elsewhere in Nunthorpe. 

The Parish Council has requested that Middlesbrough Council produce a plan of the proposed reinstatement and a second plan to show the location of the additional trees to be planted elsewhere in Nunthorpe and have the opportunity to comment at this stage.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss any aspects of the reinstatement scheme.

Long Read – By Royal Appointment

Every year The Queen hosts three parties in the Palace and one in Holyroodhouse as a way to recognise and reward public service.  The first Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for 2019 was held on May 15th with the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Princess Royal in attendance.  Our longest serving Parish Councillor David Leyland and his wife Doreen were honoured to attend in recognition of their service to our community.  Read on to read David’s proud recollection of the day. 


” The morning dawned with blue skies and sunshine. Perfect weather for our appointment at The Palace. It is safe to say that Doreen and I were a little overdressed for our train journey from Surrey to London Waterloo but once there we joined a throng of similarly attired people all heading excitedly in the same direction. Our taxi took us to the Grosvenor Place Gate at Buckingham Palace to join a veritable fashion parade auditioning for the best dressed queue.

Once past a seamless security inspection we were in The Palace Gardens at last. Cold drinks and beautifully appointed loos awaited us. The latter most gratefully received.

To the strains of a military band we wandered past the ducks on the lake to the afternoon tea tent. The long queues of our imagination were met with small lines of people queuing at right angles to the main long marquee so that service of the delicious and beautifully presented food was quick and faultless.

As per our programme, at four o’clock precisely, Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Anne appeared on the terrace and the National Anthem was played by the second of the brass bands on duty.

Royalty, preceded by a guard of ‘ Beefeaters’, moved slowly down the ranks of those to be presented whilst we who were not best placed to get a close up view moved off to wander around the gardens. The terrace in front of The Palace was no longer out of bounds by this time so we climbed the steps to get a Royal eye view of the garden. Doreen and I had a ‘we woz there’ moment last week when President Trump et al were standing in the very same spot. Sad to say that they had not been offered the tub of ice cream that we had been eating at the time. The Palace Gardens were beautiful in the sunlight: not too manicured but colourful and majestic. Too much work for The Grumpy Gardeners of Nunthorpe but a special moment just to be there. All too soon it was nearly six o’clock and we were observing the bandmaster carefully eyeing his watch until it reached the hour, when he struck up the band once more to play the National Anthem as our cue that it was time to leave. And what a departure it was, through the Palace into the courtyard, soon to be seen by the departing and arriving Prime Minister. Then through the main palace arch to see tourists looking through the railings from the other side wondering who the heck we were. Now we know why state occasions run so smoothly. Attention to detail, precision and excellence were on show in everything and from everyone at our Royal Appointment. We felt extremely proud to be British.

As we had a welcome drink in a nearby hotel afterwards, an American couple spotted Doreen’s hat, by this time in her hand, and asked in awed tones if we had been to tea. When we said that we had, they asked how we got to be there and the Parish Council got its moment in the sun. The lovely lady then told us that they avidly watched The Crown on TV. A touching end to a magical day that I am so glad I was able to share with Doreen who has always worked behind the scenes so that I could ‘Save Nunthorpe’ as our children are apt to say. Thank you, it was an honour to represent Nunthorpe on your behalf.