Community Centre Consultation and Bid Documents

Middlesbrough Council (MC)) is undertaking a consultation to help it decide the most appropriate location for the promised and funded new Nunthorpe Community Centre.

Most (but not all) residents in Greater Nunthorpe have received an information leaflet which we have reproduced here, and an associated form to complete and return.

The Parish Council published details of its bid which we believe MC will use as the basis for a new building if the Stokesley Road location if they select that location for the Community Centre. You can find a link to the full bid documentation at the foot of the page. As far as we know, the Nunthorpe & Marton Playing Fields Association has never published its bid details (citing confidentiality as the reason), so we cannot link to anything describing what might happen at their location.

The Parish Council, working with its bid partners has completed its own analysis of the questions asked. We share this below to aid you in your thinking. Both images link to a .pdf file which is easier to read and which opens in a new window.

You can complete the on-line version of the survey by clicking here.

Click here to see the bid and all its appendices.