Neighbourhood Plan

Things are moving forward! (1st March 2023)

Link to complete the Vision Survey.On Friday 24th February and Monday 27th February 2023 a consultation event was held in Nunthorpe Methodist Church Hall. Posters explaining the background to the future development of the plan were on display (see below); Parish Councillors were on hand to discuss the information and answer questions; and those who attended were asked to give their views on a draft Vision Statement prepared by Nunthorpe Vision.

We want as many residents of Greater Nunthorpe as possible to give their opinions on the draft Vision. Please use the link on the left to complete the survey.

The draft Vision reads as follows:

“By 2037, Nunthorpe will continue to be a unique place to live, work and enjoy with a strong sense of community, excellent facilities and ready access to valued local green spaces and the open countryside beyond. Any new housing development will be of an appropriate scale and mix to meet the needs of the community and high quality and energy efficient designs will be delivered as standard ensuring a beautiful and sustainable neighbourhood.” 

You can also provide your email address if you wish to receive more information as the Plan develops, and separately to express a willingness to assist with the development should you want to help.

Below are images of the six display boards shared at the Consultation Event. Clicking on any image will open a larger version in a new window.

You can download the full set as a .pdf file by clicking here.

Important Step Forward (13th October 2022)

Middlesbrough Council approved an application by NPC for a Neighbourhood Area on 6 September 2022. The newly designated area will be known as the Nunthorpe Neighbourhood Area which covers – Parished areas of Nunthorpe – Non-parished areas of Nunthorpe – Part of Marton East Ward in Middlesbrough and Land in the Redcar & Cleveland Council area. The map to the left shows the Nunthorpe Neighbourhood area (the red line). Redcar & Cleveland Council also approved the application on 27th September 2022. As a consequence NPC has applied for grant funding for up to £10,000 with Locality (which supports the development of Neighbourhood Plans).

Once the funding has been recieved NPC will engage a consultant and develop a programme to create the plan. This guide from Locality (a .pdf download) suggests that creating the plan typically takes 19-24 months, but also warns that it is dangerous to generalise! There’s lots of exciting work ahead!

The deadline for feedback has now passed and we await Middlesbrough and R&C’s conclusions. (18/07/22)

A call to action from the Community Council’s Facebook page:

We have the opportunity to create a Neighbourhood Plan, for all of Nunthorpe , which will allow us to have a greater say in future planning issues, but we need the support of the community. Please take literally a few moments to simply confirm with the either Mbro or R&C Councils that you agree or disagree with the designated area. Your response will give a strong indication to the Councils. The deadline is 4th July – please take part.
Click here if you are a Middlesbrough resident:
Click here if you are a Redcar & Cleveland resident: