Meeting of NPC with Taylor Wimpey – Nunthorpe Grange

Meeting between Representatives of Nunthorpe Parish Council
and Taylor Wimpey on 2nd September 2020 regarding NUNTHORPE GRANGE

Steven Longstaff and Rachel Winckles (Taylor Wimpey)
Morgan McClintock and Wade Tovey. (Nunthorpe Parish Council)

The representatives of Taylor Wimpey outlined proposals to construct 56 houses adjacent to
Guisborough Road. Since at least 2014/15, they have had “an option” to develop the site,
subject to planning permission, but it has taken time for Taylor Wimpey to prepare this planning
application. They believe that this is the first planning application by Taylor Wimpey in relation to
this site.
The representatives of Nunthorpe Parish Council articulated the concerns of Nunthorpe
residents about further housing development in Nunthorpe, and noted that, while accepting that
landowners are entitled to submit proposals relating to their land, the Parish Council is currently
engaged in consultation with various Nunthorpe interests and Middlesbrough Council, in an
attempt to obtain a coherent plan in the wider context of the entire site of Nunthorpe Grange.
The Taylor Wimpey representatives stated that Middlesbrough Council’s Planning Department
had made them aware of the additional consultative process recently introduced by
Middlesbrough Council for Nunthorpe, and so they had heard of “Nunthorpe Vision”; but, in
preparing their proposal, the focus of Taylor Wimpey had been the 2014 Housing Plan of
Middlesbrough Council and the Nunthorpe Design Code.
When asked about market research, Taylor Wimpey is confident that they will avoid the
difficulties of some competitors which may have had too great a focus on “Executive” housing,
because the Taylor Wimpey plan for Nunthorpe Grange is for a wide range of house sizes –
from 950 to 1660 sq feet. In response to a question about housing appropriate for elderly
people, which the Parish Council believes to be particularly relevant for Nunthorpe, Taylor
Wimpey repeated that their plan is for a range of housing sizes. However, they are primarily
taking into account the case made by Middlesbrough Council in 2014 that the greatest need of
Middlesbrough is for 3 and 4 bedroom houses. The Parish Council representatives queried
whether this remains the case, in the light of the changes within Middlesbrough Council, the
current review of Middlesbrough’s Local Plan, and the most recent independent population
projections – but Taylor Wimpey stated that they are following the statements made by
Middlesbrough Council in the 2014 documentation.
The Parish Council wondered how the calculation was made that Taylor Wimpey is entitled to
56 out of a total of 250 houses for the whole of Nunthorpe Grange, given the relatively small
proportion of land available to Taylor Wimpey. The Taylor Wimpey representatives replied that
there had been no discussion with Middlesbrough Council about the number of houses to be
built as their share of the Nunthorpe Grange total. They questioned the total of 250, because
they had read in the MasterPlan and the 2018 Local Plan that Middlesbrough Council intended
to increase this total to 350, and the figure of 250 could therefore be regarded as guidance. The
Parish Council queried how this would be possible, as the Planning Inspector had set the limit at
250, and had also ruled that no building could start until there had been significant progress with
the Nunthorpe Park and Ride, but the Taylor Wimpey representatives felt unable to comment on
these matters.
The Parish Council voiced serious concern about access to the estate being from the busy, but
narrow, Guisborough Road. The response was that the proposal had been validated by Taylor
Wimpey’s planning consultants and the “highways authorities”, and fitted into Middlesbrough
Council’s “Highways Model”. The Planning Department of Middlesbrough Council has stated
that it would not wish to prejudice whatever proposal about road access Taylor Wimpey may
wish to make. Taylor Wimpey evaluates that the impact of 56 houses on the road infrastructure
(Guisborough Road and beyond) would not be significant, but the Parish Council
representatives stated that the incremental cumulative impact has become intolerable. The
Taylor Wimpey representatives drew attention to a second point on their plan where the road
through this site linked into the wider Nunthorpe Grange, potentially relieving pressure on
Guisborough Road, but stated that it is not possible for Taylor Wimpey to be more specific about
how this might help until Middlesbrough Council presents a definitive traffic plan for Nunthorpe
Consideration of potential Section 106 community contributions from Taylor Wimpey was
agreed to be premature, in the absence of decisions on the more fundamental issues such as
the number and nature of houses, and the access to the site.
Returning to Taylor Wimpey’s thoughts on integration of their site within the wider context of
Nunthorpe Grange, Taylor Wimpey stated that their website would be updated regularly until the
date of handover.
The Parish Council emphasised the importance of continuing dialogue, even when there is
fundamental disagreement. Taylor Wimpey agreed to keep in contact with the Parish Council.