New Chair of Nunthorpe Parish Council Elected last week

At the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 19th May 2022, Adrian Walker was elected as the Chair of the Council, following in the footsteps of Morgan McClintock, a hard act to follow. The Council also elected joint Vice Chairs, Morgan McClintock and WadeTovey. The entire Council congratulates those appointed and thanks Morgan especially for the profound effort he has put in to developing the Council during his time as Chair.


Parish Council Notes – 2 – Your Councillors and their Focus

Your Parish Council takes an interest in and acts on all sorts of things to do with the Nunthorpe Parish (and sometimes beyond its boundaries where there is potential impact on us). We cannot all look in to all matters that concern us, or are raised with us by Parish residents. We do the sensible thing and individual Councillors volunteer to focus their attention and time on broadly defined areas of Parish life. They then can feed back their more detailed insights and research at Parish Council Meetings so that, where needed, decisions can be made my the whole Council (Resolutions). Such Resolutions may be to write letters (say on Planning issues); to support local initiatives with grant funding and personal action; or to investigate new opportunities and long term plans in and for the Parish. You can see many examples in our most recent Minutes.

You can find brief biographical notes on all our current Councillors on our Your Current Councillors page. The following list describes the focus areas of us all:

Trees, Flowers & Waste Management: Wade Tovey with Russ Lynch

Public Rights of Ways (PRoWs), Bridleways etc.: Carol McArdle with Adrian Walker

Traffic: Adrian Walker with Russ Lynch

Crime & Antisocial Behaviour (ASB): Adrian Walker with Ros Davey

Planning Applications: Carol McArdle with Ros Davey (and Morgan McClintock)

Constitution & Organisation: Morgan McClintock and Mike Eccles, with Mike taking the lead on developing  a communications strategy  (including website management)  and on enhancing our HR framework.

Martin Lyon, our recent recruit has yet to be integrated into this list.

Many Councillors volunteer time to other Nunthorpe Groups. This is particularly helpful in informing their focus areas and the whole Council when decisions are made.


Parish Council Notes – 1 – a New Councillor

We have received feedback that some residents may not know what the Parish Council does. We will do our best to put that right by sharing with you some of the things we have covered at the last meeting on 22nd March 2022. This is the first of a sequence news items in this format. You can see the full agenda of the last meeting on our Agendas Page and there you will see reports from individual Councillors on our individual areas of focus (for example your editor here contibutes the Communications item on that page).

You can see that other than mandatory or admin items, we covered all sorts of local matters such as: Trees, Flowers, Allotments and Waste Management; Public Rights of Way and Bridleways; Traffic; Crime and Anti-social Behaviour; Planning Applications (a key detailed activity); the Nunthorpe Neighbourhood Plan; Jubilee Preparations; Finances and more.

Most of the work is, of course, done outside the meetings in Councillors’ own time (we are unpaid volunteers). The meeting draws all the Parish strands together, making great use of the fact that members of many other voluntary Nunthorpe groups are Councillors. We are also fortunate to have Middlesbrough Councillor and Deputy Mayor Mieka Smiles as a Parish Councillor. The draft minutes of the last meeting (which are always very detailed as a result of our Clerk, Angela Livinstone’s skills) will soon appear on the Minutes Page. They will be approved at the next meeting on 19th May 2022.

So finally here’s an unusual but important snippet! (Future posts will cover some of the larger matters that we have already mentioned.)

Photograph of Councillor Martin LyonMartin Lyon was co-opted onto the Parish Council having fulfilled the necessary attendance criteria and put forward his application to join us. We had three vacancies and we are delighted to have filled one of them! We ask for a brief biography from each Councillor. He very promptly provided us with the following:

I have lived in Nunthorpe for 15 years with my wife Catherine and four children. We are the fourth family to live at The Station House, Nunthorpe since the property went into private ownership. In my professional life I have been employed by Tesco for 28 years in a senior leadership role. Proud of where we call home, I want to work with others to ensure Nunthorpe gets the best deal locally, to strive for continual improvements in services and make a difference for current and future generations. You are likely to see me around Nunthorpe daily, walking our Cockerpoos – don’t hesitate to say ‘Hello’.”

Similar biographies of all Councillors can be found on our Your Parish Councillors Page.

Remember that all our meetings are open to the public and to the press (a Gazette reported has taken full advantage of that access recently) – so DO COME ALONG, JOIN THE DISCUSSION AT APPROPRIATE MOMENTS, and learn first hand what we do for the Nunthorpe community. We look forward to welcoming you.

New Defibrillator at The Avenue Shops

The Parish Council gave a grant towards the installation of a new defibrillator at The Avenue shops. The suppliers ran a Zoom training session and have provided an edited (but quite long) recording of the session. We feel that it is worth sharing. Settle down with a cup or glass of your preferred beverage, click on the image and learn!

Alzheimers Society Fund raising event

Alzheimer’s Society Fund-Raising Event

Please come along and support this event at 5 Barnaby Road, Nunthorpe

in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. Bacon buns, cupcakes and refreshments

will be for sale any time between 10am and 5pm on Saturday June 10th.

information from resident:  Joanna Webb