Speeding on A172 Dixons Bank and beyond.

A number of residents have expressed concerns about drivers failing to observe the new 30mph speed limit, the sparcity of speed limit signage, and of associated bad driving behaviour. We have been in touch with officers of Middlesbrough Council concerning these matters from the date of the introduction of the new limits.

The most recent authoritative feedback we have received from a council officer this week is as follows:

“You may be aware that there are large terminal speed limit signs where the limit changes, e.g. from a 40 to a 30mph area, along with some ‘NEW 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT IN FORCE’ signs. Examples of these can be seen at the Southern Cross junction.  Unfortunately, the signing regulations don’t allow for 30mph ‘repeater’ signs to be placed on the highway as, when in an urban area with street lighting, 30mph is the default speed limit unless otherwise signed.

“However, the Council recently installed 4 additional ‘NEW 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT IN FORCE’ signs along the route, with a further 2 to follow. These signs will be erected at regular intervals to face both north and southbound traffic to reinforce the new speed limit for motorists.

“Once these signs have all been installed, the Council will arrange for speed surveys to be undertaken to check adherence to the new limit.  Should these surveys show a speeding problem, we can look at further options such as additional signing / markings, along with Police speed enforcement or speed activated signs.  This will enable [us] to take holistic approach to it when everything is complete.

“Speeding is a joint priority for both the Police and the Council, in that the Council has the statutory duty to keep the network safe and free moving, but with enforcement being the statutory duty of the Police.  The Council has regular dialogue with Cleveland Police on related issues across the town, so we’ll liaise with them regarding the issues raised in the meantime.”