Poole Roundabout – we need your help!

Here is a drone video (speeded up) showing the circulation around Poole Roundabout filmed by Pete Spaldin in mid-December: Stokesley Road at the top, A1035 bypass on the right, A172 to Stokesley at the bottom, Cotcliffe Way on the left, and A172 Dixons Bank top left. Residents have complained about vehicle safety because there are no lane markings on the main approaches to the roundabout and on the roundabout itself. This results in individual drivers having to decide whether the approaches and the roundabout are to be treated as single laned, or double laned. Middlesbrough Borough Council has examined our concerns about the situation and has formally confirmed that the roundabout and approaches are properly configured for single lane approach and circulation and need no lane markings.

We also raised concerns about pedestrian safety when crossing the A172 Dixons Bank via the central reservation at the road’s junction with the roundabout, especially with traffic signs blocking the view. This concern was also rejected.

We would like to know what residents think, having experienced using the roundabout both as pedestrians and drivers.

You can respond in several ways. You can comment by email here. You can comment on the related Facebook post, or you can Message us on Facebook. We would like to hear your views and experiences as we decide how continue to work with the MBC on this matter. Thank you in advance for taking the trouble to feed back. We want to hear all sides of the debate. All replies by email or message will remain confidential in terms of anonymity.