UPDATED 07/01/22. Persimmon planning request for road access from the A1035 Nunthorpe by-pass

UPDATE: The Gazette has published an item about this proposal including comments from the Parish Council and others. Read it here.

Nunthorpe Parish Council continues to have concerns about Persimmon’s proposals for housing, and will be objecting to the housing plans when the Planning Committee considers Persimmon’s application. Persimmon’s most recent addition about the location of a road  to its own site does not appear unreasonable, but their inclusion of drawings indicating a road layout to the west of Nunthorpe Grange is not only irrelevant to the Persimmon application, but very misleading, because it preempts the outcome of discussions by the Nunthorpe Vision Group about a revised Masterplan for Nunthorpe Grange.