MBC confirm landscaping project to mitigate loss of 25 mature trees and the hundreds of spring bulbs due to Dixon’s Bank/Stainton Way Roadworks

Image: https://www.facebook.com/ourgreenways/

MBC confirm they have an earmarked budget to mitigate the damage to our natural environment inflicted by the Dixon’s Bank/Stainton Way roadworks at various sites around the Nunthorpe area, but no sites have yet been identified.

We are disappointed not to have been shown a plan with recommended sites, enabling the us to have a meaningful dialogue about when and where planting will take place. We request that the Parish Council and the Community Council has a major input into where and when this is done, and we ask that MBC Area Care to work with us as soon as possible.

MBC stated that the landscaping project will not include a sound deadening fencing for the road, the rationale being that as it isn’t a new road there is no requirement to provide such structures.