Latest Swans Corner Updates – much remains unclear!

Access to the Academies

Nunthorpe Academy has circulated a letter to all parents/carers advising about the procedure for dropping off pupils whilst Guisborough Road is closed to through traffic (we believe the closure to be imminent). You can read it by clicking here. It includes a very useful diagram showing the proposed morning flow flow drop off traffic.

Mrs Kell, Head of School, has said “We encourage as many students as possible to walk or use public transport.” The underlying message is PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR CARS TO DROP PUPILS OFF ANYWHERE NEAR THE ACADEMY. (This is our advice). If you must use your car to get close (for example if your child cannot walk safely), then this diagram shows a one way loop, with cars pausing to drop off on Guisborough Road in the section marked in magenta, and then returning via the loop outside the school WITHOUT STOPPING THERE. It is vital that there are no exceptions to this guidance.

Pedestrian access from Ormesby Bank will be maintained at all times by Esh, the main contractors.

There is no current advice about picking pupils up from the Academy (we have sought clarity and none has been forthcoming). Our best advice is as above – AVOID USING CARS. Otherwise arrange to pick up your children as far away as you can from the school – certainly do not drive past Gypsy Lane. Wherever you do decide to pick up, make sure that you can both park and wait safely and legally.



It is clear that buses will not travel to this part of Guisborough Road. We have no information from Arriva on their plans despite the imminence of the closure. It is likely that all buses that would normally come along Guisborough Road will divert at Stokesley Road and go round the bypass. Redcar & Cleveland Council are seeking a contract with a coach company to run some sort of shuttle bus service along Guisborough Road to the bus stop(s) still in use. We will update you as soon as we know more. We are in touch with both the Academy and R&C Council.