June Parish Council Meeting

The next monthly meeting of Nunthorpe Parish Council will be at 19:00 on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020.

Because of the current situation this will take place as a virtual meeting via Zoom but that does not stop you attending. If you wish to join us as a member of the public as you can do at the physical meetings, please contact the Parish Clerk at clerk@nunthorpepc.org.uk who will give you all of the details needed to join the meeting online.

Following on from the “big” meeting earlier this week between Middlesbrough Council and several Nunthorpe community groups – Nunthorpe Parish Council, Nunthorpe Community Council, Nunthorpe & Marton PFA, Ourgreenways, the Schools, The Institute, The Medical Practice and the local MP and Ward Councillors – to discuss the future development of Nunthorpe, the next Parish Council meeting is likely to be an very interesting one.

And remember, the PC are always on the look-out for enthusiastic new Councillors to join and help drive forward the interests of Nunthorpe.

See you there.