Hope that our voice is at last being heard

Nunthorpe Parish Council was delighted to have just taken part in an hour long online meeting to discuss priorities and a vision for Nunthorpe, the start of a neighbourhood plan and a consultation (very soon) with all the community. Also in the meeting hosted by Richard Horniman MBC were Andy Preston (the Mayor), Tony Parkinson (MBC CEO), Simon Clarke MP, Ward Councillor Smiles, Chairs of the NMPFA, NCC, Dr Lakeman (Nunthorpe Medical Practice) and Emma Watson representing Nunthorpe Schools. Others including The Institute and Councillor Carole Morgan (Ward Councillor for the R&C side of Nunthorpe) had made written submissions too.

Look out for more details soon but it was agreed by all that rapid progress on a GP Surgery is essential and that the next priority must be a Community Centre.