Updated 20/01/22 with Appendices. Full text of our bid to host the proposed Community Centre

We are now in a position to share the details of the joint Parish Council, Community Council and the Nunthorpe Institute bid to host the proposed Community Centre on land adjacent to the New Medical Centre on Stokesley Road. The Independent Assessors appointed by Middlesbrough Borough Council have completed their marking of the two bids (the other put forward by Nunthorpe & Marton Playing Fields Association) against pre-agreed criteria. Sadly our marks were a little lower than NMPFA’s, but the selection process is not yet complete.  The bid comprises the primary bid documents and 21 appendices. We will keep you informed of progress via our Facebook feed.

Please click on the image of the cover of the bid to read the full document.


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APPENDIX 1 – Nunthorpe Community Hub map

APPENDIX 2 – Construction Visual

APPENDIX 3 – Construction Estimates

APPENDIX 4 – Architect’s Impression

APPENDIX 5 – Original plan for road alongside Medical Centre to Nunthorpe Grange housing.

APPENDIX 6 – Medical Centre Aerial View

APPENDIX 7 – Nunthorpe Institute

APPENDIX 8 – Survey Results

APPENDIX 9 – Car Parking

APPENDIX 10 – Social Prescribing

APPENDIX 11 – GP Support

APPENDIX 12 – Church Hall Support

APPENDIX 13 – The Avenue School

APPENDIX 14 – Nunthorpe Institute Trustees

APPENDIX 15 – A Class Community Learning

APPENDIX 16 – Nunthorpe Vision

APPENDIX 17 – Nunthorpe Community Council AGM

APPENDIX 18 – Nunthorpe Academy

APPENDIX 19 – Committed and Potential Activities

APPENDIX 20 – Income Projections

APPENDIX 21 – Core Expenditure