Dixon’s Bank/Stainton Way Roadworks are part funded by Section 106 monies

Image: www.insidehousing.co.uk

The Dixon’s Bank/Stainton Way Roadworks project is costing tax payers £1.7 million, and MBC confirmed that the funding has come from a number of sources including Section 106 agreement money. This is money paid by developers and is linked to the granting of planning permission. It is usually paid at certain stages of a building project.

MBC promised to quickly provide the Parish Council with a breakdown of the sources of section 106 funding which are being used on Dixon’s Bank / Stainton Way.

We questioned why this S106 money from developments is being spent on road infrastructure when MBC’s own  Transport Department have always stated that housing developments in Nunthorpe had a “minimal impact on the traffic”.  So far, MBC have failed to give a sufficient explanation to this and the Parish Council will follow this point up, as money from developments in Nunthorpe has rarely been spent on the needs identified in Nunthorpe.

MBC provided assurances that the £1.7 million budget will be sufficient for completing the project, but confirmed that this budget does not allow for any compensation claims from residents.