Dixons Bank/Stainton Way proposals

Nunthorpe Parish Councillors met Mayor Budd, Lewis Young and Rob Farnham on Monday 27 November.

Parish Councillors were happy to report a good meeting with no doubt that the Mayor understood Nunthorpe residents problems and the Parish Council had a better understanding of the Councils problems  than  prior to the meeting.

Main findings/agreements rom the meeting:

(i) The consultation period has been extended to 12th January 2018.

(ii) The scheme has been put on hold while further consultation/consideration takes place.

(iii) New consultation letters will be sent to Dixons Bank residents – both sides – plus the Parish Council.

Numerous questions/comments were brought forward to the meeting, and Parish Councillors outlined the main objections to the scheme; one of the most important aspects was that Mr Farnham was unable to state the anticipated improvement in junction efficiency and its impact on the wider South Middlesbrough traffic flow, following the proposed Dixons Bank changes.

The topic will be discussed further at the December Parish Council meeting on 6th December.