Developments at the new GP Surgery

Those of you who live on or near Stokesley Road cannot fail to have noticed the works going on, restricting the road to one lane, with temporary traffic lights. The contractors are working to connect the new surgery site to the foul water and surface water drains. They also discovered a water leak at the start of the work – this was widely reported on local social media as the road had to be closed for a short time. The work to support the surgery is great news as the construction work continues, just about on the planned timetable, despite the terrible weather.  The images show the extent of the road barriers and two interior views of the very muddy site (all taken today despite the continuing rain). As you pass by you may also notice a mysterious grey box-like structure next to the future pedestrian entrance to the site. The Site Manager explained that this houses their temporary electrical supply to meet the construction needs. Everyone involved would like to apologise for the temporary inconvenience to residents and traffic travelling along Stokesley Road.

Safety barriers along Stokesley Road where work is being carried out for the new madical centre
Temporary safety barriers
Looking into the Medical Centre site from the Northwest corner
View from the Northwest corner of the site
The future pedestrian access point to the site looking very muddy!
A very muddy future pedestrian access point to the site.