Have your say about the future of Nunthorpe

As part of the community consultation on the development of Nunthorpe, the Parish Council has convened a special meeting with the sole purpose of providing residents with the opportunity to make their views known. This will be a virtual meeting by Zoom because of the current situation but anyone can join by obtaining details from the Parish Clerk on clerk@nunthorpepc.org.uk


Parish Councillors also welcome comments on the “Nunthorpe Vision” introductory leaflet circulated to all residents by Middlesbrough Council, and made available on the Nunthorpe Vision Facebook page.

The Parish Council also encourages feedback on the four minimum requirements presented to Middlesbrough Council by the Parish Council, available on the Nunthorpe Parish Council Facebook page  and the Nunthorpe Vision Facebook page.

Please, please join us to ensure that we can represent your views.

Parish Council Priorities for Nunthorpe Vision

Nunthorpe Parish Council’s opinion is that Nunthorpe has already suffered enough from
housing developments without the infrastructure to help compensate residents for the
environmental implications.

Therefore, although the Parish Council thinks that it is probably unrealistic to expect zero
housebuilding in Nunthorpe Grange by those who have bought land already zoned for
house-building, the Parish Council has presented Middlesbrough Council with the
following four minimum requirements –


NPC seeks a commitment from Middlesbrough Council not to authorise
house-building in Nunthorpe Grange until a comprehensive development plan
has been agreed for the whole of Nunthorpe.

Such a plan must –
Oppose all housing development in Nunthorpe outside Nunthorpe
Grange (such as at Ford Close)
Establish a total number of no more than 250 houses across all of
Nunthorpe Grange, and prioritise accessible housing at
Nunthorpe Grange.
Oppose any subsequent attempt by developers to renegotiate the
number and/or nature of houses in Nunthorpe Grange.


NPC seeks a commitment from Middlesbrough Council not to authorise
housebuilding in Nunthorpe Grange until a comprehensive transport plan,
incorporating an implementation schedule, has been agreed, in order to
alleviate various problems – particularly the “Marton Crawl”
In such a transport plan, an immediate improvement in rail and bus service
should be prioritised over the long-term aspiration for an additional station in


NPC seeks a commitment from Middlesbrough Council to protect and
enhance the green environment of Nunthorpe, including the creation of a new
park in Nunthorpe Grange.


NPC seeks a commitment from Middlesbrough Council not only to facilitate a
Nunthorpe Health Centre, but also to provide –
sufficient land for a comprehensive Community Centre
sufficient funding to enable construction of at least the first phase of
the Community Centre before any housebuilding is started in
Nunthorpe Grange.


NPC seeks a commitment from Middlesbrough Council to protect and enhance the facilities for sport in Nunthorpe.








NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a casual vacancy exists in the office of Parish Councillor for Nunthorpe Parish Councillor Ward of the Borough of Middlesbrough.


An election to fill this vacancy can be requested if a request in writing is given by Ten electors for the Parish area to the Returning Officer, Middlesbrough Council, PO Box 503, Town Hall, Middlesbrough, TS1 9FX. This election would take place in May 2021.


Angela  Livingstone


Date: 10/05/2020



If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor by co-option to fill one of the 5 vacancies please contact the clerk.

Email: clerk@nunthorpepc.org.uk Telephone 01642 274283

Presentation to Ken Tomlinson

Ken Tomlinson was a member of Nunthorpe Parish Council for seven years until he stepped down at the end of April this year. For most of that time he served as Chair and saw the Council through a very unsettled period in its history at the beginning of his tenure. Thankfully, he now leaves it in fine health.

In recognition of his service to Nunthorpe as Chair, the Parish Council have presented Ken and his wife Lesley (who herself served for many years as Secretary to Nunthorpe Community Council) with an inscribed crystal bowl on behalf of the community.

Thank you Ken for all of your time, effort and commitment to Nunthorpe.

Footpaths around the Grey Towers Estate

The Covid crisis has understandably meant more people walking around our Nunthorpe public rights of ways, footpaths and bridleways, including at Grey Towers.

A public right of way is over land owned by somebody. In the case of the Grey Towers building and adjacent land, the land is owned by the Grey Towers residents.

The public may use rights of way which are highlighted along the route with signage as in the accompanying illustration.

We must all stick to the rules to ensure safety and keep to the two metre-wide path. This includes dogs, which must be kept on leads, as paths go on to farmers fields where there is livestock.

After recent meetings, we wrote to Middlesbrough Council and received an indication of support to work together with residents to seek greater understanding in the future and to see what progress can be made.

We are also working in partnership with OurGreenways in producing a clear map showing paths and rights of ways along with further guidance.

The Parish Council, Ward Councillors and the Grey Towers owners are engaged in discussions and working hard to tackle issues and will keep everyone updated to minimise any misunderstanding.

June Parish Council Meeting

The next monthly meeting of Nunthorpe Parish Council will be at 19:00 on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020.

Because of the current situation this will take place as a virtual meeting via Zoom but that does not stop you attending. If you wish to join us as a member of the public as you can do at the physical meetings, please contact the Parish Clerk at clerk@nunthorpepc.org.uk who will give you all of the details needed to join the meeting online.

Following on from the “big” meeting earlier this week between Middlesbrough Council and several Nunthorpe community groups – Nunthorpe Parish Council, Nunthorpe Community Council, Nunthorpe & Marton PFA, Ourgreenways, the Schools, The Institute, The Medical Practice and the local MP and Ward Councillors – to discuss the future development of Nunthorpe, the next Parish Council meeting is likely to be an very interesting one.

And remember, the PC are always on the look-out for enthusiastic new Councillors to join and help drive forward the interests of Nunthorpe.

See you there.

Hope that our voice is at last being heard

Nunthorpe Parish Council was delighted to have just taken part in an hour long online meeting to discuss priorities and a vision for Nunthorpe, the start of a neighbourhood plan and a consultation (very soon) with all the community. Also in the meeting hosted by Richard Horniman MBC were Andy Preston (the Mayor), Tony Parkinson (MBC CEO), Simon Clarke MP, Ward Councillor Smiles, Chairs of the NMPFA, NCC, Dr Lakeman (Nunthorpe Medical Practice) and Emma Watson representing Nunthorpe Schools. Others including The Institute and Councillor Carole Morgan (Ward Councillor for the R&C side of Nunthorpe) had made written submissions too.

Look out for more details soon but it was agreed by all that rapid progress on a GP Surgery is essential and that the next priority must be a Community Centre.

20/0199/FUL | Demolition of existing buildings and the erection of 69 dwellings with open space and infrastructure | Land At Ford Close Riding Centre Brass Castle Lane Middlesbrough TS8 9EE

The decision deadline for this planning application has now been extended by 3 weeks due to the virus. Time to make your opinions heard by going directly to


You will need to register first before going to comments and adding your thoughts (you can read others comments too) but you can also email

shelley_pearman@middlesbrough.gov.uk  or developmentcontrol@middlesbrough.gov.uk

If you have an opinion on this development, please take a few moments to make this known.