Dixon’s Bank/Stainton Way Roadworks scheme on its own will NOT improve the Marton Crawl

MBC confirm that new software will be fitted to the junction traffic lights to improve the traffic flow at the end of the Dixon’s Bank/Stainton Way Roadworks project, but admit that it will have little effect because there are three traffic flows going into one (that from the Southern Cross to Marton shops).

That was the Parish Council and many other groups point of objection to this scheme from the outset – that unless this section of road is debottlenecked no “improvements” to the junction will have any effect.

The Parish Council asked MBC if any funding is available to debottleneck the other sections of Stainton Way that will come under increasing pressure should this Dixons Bank scheme succeed. It appears clear that no funding or potential timescale is available, and the Parish Council will of course pursue this further.

Joint Strategic Transport Needs Assessment Report publication is further delayed

The “Joint Strategic Transport Needs Assessment Report” compiled by the consultant engineers Fore Consulting Limited looks at likely developments and what pressures this would add to the road infrastructure covering that whole area bounded by the coast, A66, A19 and the Cleveland Hills.

This is a joint Middlesbrough Council and Redcar & Cleveland Council initiative and was due to be published in July ’18.

The Parish Council wanted Middlesbrough Council to wait for the outcome of this report before embarking upon the Dixons Bank scheme, but we were ignored.MBC claim that the publication of this analysis is being held up by R&C Council, but it should be publicly available soon. We eagerly await its findings.

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Update on Persimmon Homes Nunthorpe Grange proposal

Following on from our report about the Persimmon Homes planning application, we would like to report that this has yet to be considered by Middlesbrough Planning Committee and is unlikely to be on the agenda with them until May ’19 earliest. The Parish Council has objected to the application as we have said before on the grounds that it gets nowhere near complying with the Design Statement for this development.

We will keep you informed.

You can read the proposal in full here: Draft Nunthorpe Grange Masterplan Middlesbrough Council

Go-ahead for New Roundabout for Nunthorpe By-pass

At a meeting of the Middlesbrough Planning Committee last Friday, the planning application by the Council to build a new roundabout on the by-pass was passed. This will be used to give access to the housing site to the north of the by-pass but it also opens up an access to the farmland to the south which the Council also owns. There were two proposals for a postponement of the decision, one from a member of the committee and the other from a representative from Persimmon Homes but that was ignored. So this will undoubtedly result in many more houses being proposed in the coming years.

Please share your favourite photos of Nunthorpe

Calling all photographers!📣📣📣📣
We are looking to gather a collection of images of the wonderful landscape and buildings of Nunthorpe for the Parish Council website and other publications. If you have a favourite image (past or present) that you are willing to share with us please email it to news@nunthorpepc.org.uk or post it on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nunthorpeparish/.
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Ward Councillors Hustings Event Wednesday 17th April 7pm

Nunthorpe Ward Councillors are up for election in early May. We’re delighted to support the Community Council in holding a Hustings event at 7pm on Wednesday 17th April at The Institute.

All confirmed Ward councillor candidates for Nunthorpe (Mbro side) are invited to come and talk to residents. The candidates will be given a small number of set questions to answer which they will prepare for, but there will also be a public Q&A where residents can ask their own questions not already covered.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for residents to really get to know who the candidates are and make an informed decision on who they will vote for to represent Nunthorpe Ward for the next four years. Parish Councillors will be in attendance – we hope you can come along too 👍


Planting scheme complete at Nunthorpe War Memorial

Image: Completed planting scheme at the Nunthorpe War Memorial

The Parish Council has worked with residents over the past few years to mitigate the effects of the wooden fencing that the housing developer placed around the around the Grade II listed site.  We campaigned to preserve this valuable heritage setting, however we were unable to stop the wooden fencing going up. Not to be deterred, we were committed to improving the blight on this area for the benefit of all our residents and visitors and we feel that the planting scheme is the best possible solution given the limitations of the site.   

You can read the completion report by clicking on the link below:

Refurbishing the Nunthorpe W W 1 War Memorial

Middlesbrough Council press on with controversial roadworks despite community objections

Image from Teesside Live https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/17m-plan-dixons-bank-junction-15289843

Disappointingly, Middlesbrough Council started the “improvement” works on Dixons Bank / Stainton Way on 4th February by chopping down about 25 mature trees.
Nunthorpe Parish Council, Ward Councillors and many individuals made representation to the Council over many months pointing out how flawed their proposal is and that it risks wasting £1.7 million of your money that could have been far better spent tackling the real source of the Marton Crawl or on improving public transport, especially the train services.
Our last hope was with some of the residents on Dixons Bank who initially had some encouraging noises from the Local Authority Ombudsman to whom they had lodged a complaint about the way Middlesbrough Council had handled this matter. However, it now looks as though the Ombudsman is unlikely to pursue this further so it would appear that despite almost 100% local discontentment with this scheme and the 10 months of misery it will now give us all for very possibly no gain, Middlesbrough Council will press ahead.

Parish Council objects to Persimmon Homes Nunthorpe Grange proposal

Image: Middlesbrough Council

The Design Statement for the development of Nunthorpe Grange was issued by Middlesbrough Council in 2018 and gave a detailed description of the type of housing development the Council expected for this prestigious site. To quote the Chief Planning Officer (Mr Paul Clark), it was to be “a prize winning development”.

However, although being in receipt of this document, Persimmon Homes presented a planning application to Middlesbrough Council which clearly took none of these requirements on board. The proposal was for an overcrowded and unattractive development of 116 houses which would do little to enhance Nunthorpe.

Nunthorpe Community Council has written an excellent objection statement to Middlesbrough Council and the Parish Council has written to give that statement its full support.  We are hopeful that Middlesbrough Council will reject this application.

We would also like to express our thanks to any Nunthorpe residents who submitted an individual objection to Middlesbrough Council.