Swans Corner Update

Thanks to Carole Morgan for sharing this!

The Swans Corner Roundabout works are moving along now – an 8 weeks delay, caused by additional Northern Powergrid works, has led to a new completion date set for the end of October.


Reminder: residents facing especial difficulties with public transport can contact Simon Houldsworth, Transport Strategic Manager at R& CBC and he will look at helping them. Simon.houldsworth@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

Crime information

Feedback to the Parish Council from the local Police and Neighbourhood Safety Officer

“We located a cannabis farm on High Gill road Saturday morning. One male was arrested at the scene and investigations are ongoing. We’ve had an increase in criminal damage where one or two properties have been targeted. One male youth has been arrested on suspicion of causing the damage and again investigations are ongoing.
We hope the swift positive action has lead to an immediate reduction in these offences.”

“The only ASB cases reported have been the ongoing issues around the alleyways at Rookwood. We are working with Nunthorpe Academy regarding this – identification of youths and school have said they will have a teacher in the area as school ends.

“On a more positive note I [the Neighbourhood Safety Officer] carried out an evening patrol around the area on Friday 17 June with a youth outreach worker.  We engaged with 21 young people, all said they attended Nunthorpe Academy.  They were all very polite and respectful and we chatted about the lack of facilities for young people in the area and the perception people have of them via local social media pages.  They were keen to meet with councillors and many give me their names.  I passed this information onto Nunthorpe Academy and both councillors and was hoping school would take this forward and arrange for the councillors to visit school and speak to those who said they were happy to be involved.  I’ve not heard if they have organised anything yet but thought this would have been a great opportunity to try and engage with young people from the area.”

We are grateful for this local feedback.


Speeding on A172 Dixons Bank and beyond.

A number of residents have expressed concerns about drivers failing to observe the new 30mph speed limit, the sparcity of speed limit signage, and of associated bad driving behaviour. We have been in touch with officers of Middlesbrough Council concerning these matters from the date of the introduction of the new limits.

The most recent authoritative feedback we have received from a council officer this week is as follows:

“You may be aware that there are large terminal speed limit signs where the limit changes, e.g. from a 40 to a 30mph area, along with some ‘NEW 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT IN FORCE’ signs. Examples of these can be seen at the Southern Cross junction.  Unfortunately, the signing regulations don’t allow for 30mph ‘repeater’ signs to be placed on the highway as, when in an urban area with street lighting, 30mph is the default speed limit unless otherwise signed.

“However, the Council recently installed 4 additional ‘NEW 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT IN FORCE’ signs along the route, with a further 2 to follow. These signs will be erected at regular intervals to face both north and southbound traffic to reinforce the new speed limit for motorists.

“Once these signs have all been installed, the Council will arrange for speed surveys to be undertaken to check adherence to the new limit.  Should these surveys show a speeding problem, we can look at further options such as additional signing / markings, along with Police speed enforcement or speed activated signs.  This will enable [us] to take holistic approach to it when everything is complete.

“Speeding is a joint priority for both the Police and the Council, in that the Council has the statutory duty to keep the network safe and free moving, but with enforcement being the statutory duty of the Police.  The Council has regular dialogue with Cleveland Police on related issues across the town, so we’ll liaise with them regarding the issues raised in the meantime.”


No trains between Nunthorpe and Middlesbrough, 21st, 23rd, and 25th June

Please note that because of industrial action by the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), there will be no trains running on the Nunthorpe to Middlesbrough line on Tuesday 21st, Thursday 23rd, and Saturday 25th of June. On the 22nd, 24th and 26th some services will run as detailed on Northern Rail’s Strike timetable.

Northern Rail say: “However, customer safety is our priority, we advise you not to travel between Tuesday 21 and Sunday 26 June and make alternative plans.”

Press Statement following the EGM on 31st May 2022

The Parish Clerk issued the following Press Staement to Emily Craigee of the Gazette following the EGM on 30th May 2022 called to discuss the Community Centre bidding process.


At an Extraordinary Meeting of Nunthorpe Parish Council held on 31st May 2022, the Parish Council welcomed Ian Wright (Middlesbrough Council’s Director of Finance) and Louise Grabham (Head of Commissioning and Procurement). This Meeting was convened for Middlesbrough Council to explain recent correspondence announcing the re-start of the process to construct Nunthorpe’s Community Centre – a process established by Middlesbrough Council and accepted by all parties in October 2021. The meeting was open to the public, and was attended by representatives of the Nunthorpe and Marton Playing Fields Association, who had submitted a bid to construct and operate the Community Centre.

Parish Councillors appreciated Mr Wright’s apology for neglecting to consult those who had submitted bids before he decided that the Council’s process could not stand up to challenge.

The Parish Council was also grateful for his clarification of unfortunate ambiguities in his letter, and in particular welcomed his assurance that reference to the need to be “free of perceived conflict of interest” did not relate to concerns about the conduct of either of the parties or of any individuals who had participated in the bidding process. Mr Wright undertook to confirm this reassurance in writing. He stated that the concerns leading to his intervention arose because the Council’s need to undertake “due diligence” had not been clearly documented at the start of the process, and therefore he had decided that the process must be restarted on the basis of a clearer specification. The plan outlined at the meeting is that the new process will begin within a few weeks and will take about three months.

In the light of the comments from Mr Wright and Ms Grabham at the meeting, the Parish Council will now be consulting with the partners in the Consortium – Nunthorpe Community Council and the Nunthorpe Institute.


New Chair of Nunthorpe Parish Council Elected last week

At the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 19th May 2022, Adrian Walker was elected as the Chair of the Council, following in the footsteps of Morgan McClintock, a hard act to follow. The Council also elected joint Vice Chairs, Morgan McClintock and WadeTovey. The entire Council congratulates those appointed and thanks Morgan especially for the profound effort he has put in to developing the Council during his time as Chair.